“We keep ourselves updated on the developments on production and constantly empowering
our marketing activities,
we are growing each day!”
Beo Textile, is a young and dynamic organization specialised in knitted garment manufacturing for work wear, protective clothing and functional wear markets.
As experts on knitted garments, Beo Textile has become a known company in a short time by conforming the international production standards, reach of high-quality raw materials, being the supporter of clients for the entire cooperation process, by its easy, accessible and friendly communication to customers and flexible production capacity. 
Know-how, experience, reliability; expertise in knitting, dyeing and garment manufacturing; ability to find solutions to challenging requirements and product development activities are between main factors of success that Beo Textile has achieved so far.
Acting with its reliable and transparent service policy, experience on supply-chain stages, answering to customers’ requests perfectly with its technical knowledge today, Beo Textile has become an important knitted garment supplier of many brands, laundries and workwear suppliers in Europe. 
We are here to be a part of your team. 

Beoteks Tekstil San. Tic. Ltd. ┼×ti.